Tuesday, April 7, 2015

High Miles For the Children for the benefit of St. Rita Orphanage in Paranaque City

This May 3, 2015, BIG HOUSE EVENTS PRODUCTION in partnership with Explore Philippines, Aktivshow and 1DigiMedia will be having a fun run entitled, HIGH MILES FOR THE CHILDREN. This run is for the benefit of St, Rita Orphanage in Paranaque City.  It will be held at the Filinvest City in Alabang.

Run Categories:5 Kilometers/ 10 Kilometers/ 16 Kilometers* Runners in all Categories will receive a Race Kit and a Finisher Medal.* 16KM Participants will Receive a Race Kit, Finisher Medal and Finisher Shirt.

Fee              Distance                 Gunstart
400              5k                           5:00 AM
500              10k                         4:30 AM
700              16k                         4:00 AM


St. Rita Orphanage is located in Paranaque City. It was originally known as HOME OF CHILDREN, has its beginning when the late Mother Carmen Alba, A.R., Superior general of the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect sisters, conceived the idea of putting up a home for the less fortunate children: the orphans, abandoned and neglected children - that they’d be given their basic need (food, clothing, shelter) as well as proper guidance and sufficient.

Saint Rita Orphanage envisions the total development of the less fortunate/abandoned children that they become God- fearing and responsible members of the Church and the country.The Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters takes care of the children in the orphanage as one of its apostolic works. They continue to respond to the needs of the Church and the country within the limits of its capacity and according to its resources.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Yearbook Features Eskaya

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa is featured in Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Yearbook for 2015, joining a selected and few luxurious resorts selected all over the world for their opulence and elegance that befits royals.

The resort located in Panglao Island in Bohol is the only Filipino luxury resort featured in the 444-page glossy coffee table book published to mark the 90th anniversary of one Rolls-Royce’s most revered cars – the Phantom.

The book explores the origins of the Phantom, as well as the stories and personalities that go to make it the “best car in world” to this day. It also includes stories about the best luxury hotels, resorts and

hotspots in the world; elegant fashion and fragrances; stylish dwellings and living spaces; essentials for globetrotting; finest jewelries; most sumptuous food and drink.

“Eskaya is a good fit for Roll-Royce. They are both the embodiment of luxury and opulence,” said Richard Lim Jr., Eskaya’s managing director.

Eskaya is in a good company. The book also listed 24 other luxury resorts and hot spots in the world such as Dhara Dhevi Chang Mai in Thailand, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius in Mauritius, Hotel Quinta do Lago in Portugal, The Mulia Resorts & Villas in Indonesia, and Park Hyatt in Maldives.

Lim said Eskaya has been selected to be part of the book because it is very active in the European market, luring a lot of holidaymakers from the continent into its white, powdery shores regularly.

“We are very honored to be associated with Rolls-Royce. Eskaya’s inclusion in the book will help attract more high-end guests – especially the Phantom car enthusiasts worldwide,” said Lim.

Eskaya’s membership in the Small Luxury Hotels (SLH), an organization based in UK, also helped the Bohol-based resort clinch a place in the coffee table book. Eskaya is one of only four luxury hotels from the Philippines that’s a member of SLH, which groups together more than 520 hotels in over 80 countries.

Eskaya sits on a 16-hectare facility in Panglao Island that boasts of private villas and swimming pools amid lush mountains and crystal-clear beaches.

Most of the villas have their own private pool, outdoor showers and whirlpool tubs, and a stunning view of the endless sea and sky, all blue and white all year round, especially during the summer season.

The resort also has an infinity pool, swim-up bar, mini library, and for the sport enthusiasts, facilities for beach volleyball, badminton, water sports and scuba diving. For those who want utmost pampering, its Handuraw Spa offers traditional Filipino and Asian spa treatments.

The Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club is an international organization of owners and admirers of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

The 2015 yearbook is written by Rolls-Royce experts and motoring journalists. 

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo of the Day | Fortress

Fuerza de Santa Isabel, Taytay Palawan

Fuerza de Santa Isabel
Location: Taytay, Palawan

“You were a stone wall, a fort in high, unreachable trees, an island, my own island, that no boat could reach.”― Deb Caletti, The Story of Us

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Municipality of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines - where every island has its own distinct identity, has more than 50 islands to discover. Enchanting lagoons, few small atolls and beaches spread around Bacuit Bay - mostly occupied by expensive, luxury hotels - so instead of trying to choose one, Trixie and Rome decided to hop an island to another.

Unless you were booked to one of the luxurious El Nido Resorts who are hopping the islands on seaplanes and speedboats, island hopping conjures up images of packing onto steamy, diesel-smelling ferries between El Nido Islands.

Just few minutes from Simizu Island where they had a bountiful lunch, their group arrived at the narrow entrance of the famous El Nido trademark, Big Lagoon. 

There’s a long queue of boats coming in and out the lagoon so they have to wait in awe.

Their group was composed of different nationalities - there are Dutch, Portuguese, and some Koreans. While waiting, Rome can’t help but observe the reaction and tone of voice of the foreign nationals as they express their admiration in their language. “If only I could find translations services to translate what they are saying right now, I’ll be more than delighted”, he said smiling, very proud of his place.

From afar, Rome was still mesmerized by the rugged limestone formations and landscape colored by the magnificent clarity and shades of blue seascape as if he’s new to the place. "Ahhh, my soul has been cleaned, this is really relaxing!", he said to himself.

He chatted with the boatmen to fill the dead air between, "If the tide is not high enough, the tour boat could experience difficulty going into the lagoon. Some tourists were asked to get off their boats, walking on corals and damaging the environment" :-( The boatman explained with a sad tone of voice.

Their boatmen, however, were good in navigating the shallow part, it was a smooth cruising into the Big Lagoon. 

Touring the lagoon is the highlight of tour A. Bring a kayak with you when going to great Big Lagoon, it is highly recommended so you can take a kayak ride, paddle around the lagoon and you'll be moving around in your own time.

The view of karst rocks and blue water as they entered was a natural wonder and absolutely incredible. The amazing beauty of Big Lagoon differs from small lagoon. Small lagoon was intimate while big lagoon has a wide open views.  

As they approached the middle of the lagoon, the color of water changed from turquoise to dark blue. "It is probably deep", said Trixie.

The lagoon is wide and is home to small sharks, sea urchins, stingrays, jelly fish and some less friendlier marine animals so swimming around in the deep water might not be such a good idea. Their boat just go around the place slowly.

Every inch, this place is picturesque where movies and promotional videos are shot. Don't forget to bring your camera and just capture lots of still memories of the most beautiful place you will ever be in your life.

Amazing Rock Formation

Rome and Trixie quickly learned the downside of island hopping; no sooner had they settled in, cam-wh*ring, and appreciating the beautiful gift of nature, then it was time to leave again.... 

Clear Waters of Big Lagoon

Touring the Great Big Lagoon

Next Stop: Secret Lagoon

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Photo of the Day | Shell

He's gone hidden into a little shell like a hermit and make music for a while....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Somersault, Summer Sought.

"I was looking at the possibilities but I missed the target", Rome said to himself while on a holiday break.

Rome has been taking different path, away from his gest to utopia. For almost a year, he stayed at The Cuisineuer, eating, cooking and eating more. Travel opportunities had past and missed. He realized at one point, his cannon was pointing on a different direction.

May this blog post remind him to slowly get back on track, to tell us his tale of adventures to places of ideal perfection.

This is to remind him to somersault 5 summers, 122 places, 548 people and countless experiences.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SEC Express System – Online Processing and Delivery of SEC Documents

SEC documents can now be requested online. There's no need to go to the SEC to get plain or authenticated copies anymore. Documents like articles of incorporation/partnership, by-laws, general information sheet, increase/decrease of capital stock, audited financial statements, registration data sheet, resolution (minutes), secretary’s certificate, board resolution, and other documents can now be requested easily.

Simply log on to www.secexpress.ph to request for SEC documents. You may also call 7378888 Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 5pm.

You can pay for your document requests using VISA or MasterCard. Your documents will be delivered anywhere in the Philippines within 3 working days. It’s that easy.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DFA Passport Appointment System – World-class Passport Processing

Getting a passport is better and easier now than ever. Before you even get to the DFA, you will be informed of your assigned date and time, eliminating the need for long queues and ensuring convenient and efficient processing. Plus, you have the choice of numerous DFA passport processing locations to choose from like DFA ASEANA, DFA Manila, DFA Megamall, DFA Ortigas, DFA Cubao, and DFA Alabang.

www.pasport.com.ph is your easy access in getting an appointment for your DFA passport application. Quick, simple, and empowering, the service allows you to choose the date, time, and location at your convenience all in one click. And if you want to talk to someone, simply call the hotline (02) 737-1000 to get assistance from our Customer Care Officers. You can also enjoy the benefit of getting your passport delivered to your doorstep, no need to go back to the DFA for claiming.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in partnership with Pilipinas Teleserv has now made requesting for new and renewal of passport more accessible, efficient and world class for every Filipino.

Press Release: This means that this material is fully and directly from the company issuing the press release. This also means that this website is not the author of the statement being read. Gest to Utopia is simply providing the information for readers who may be interested.

Monday, October 13, 2014

NSOHelpline.com, The Travel and Hassle-Free Way of Getting an NSO Birth Certificate

If you need an NSO birth certificate for travel, passport, enrollment, claims, ID application, or VISA processing, going to the nearest NSO Serbilis Outlet is a sure way of getting your hands on that very important document.

However, getting to the nearest NSO Serbilis Outlet is becoming quite a challenge nowadays, with MRT-related concerns all over the news and the ever present traffic jam of the city an omnipresent fact of life. Of course when you successfully arrive at your destination, queuing in line and waiting for the processing is part and parcel of the experience. Add all the effort and expenses, and probably the need to apply for work leave, and you dedicate a day’s worth of your life just to get a copy of your NSO document.

But what if all you need to do is to sit down, open your computer and open the browser www.nsohelpline.com side by side with your Facebook browser? What if you can apply for your NSO birth certificate by clicking and typing the needed info in one easy online form? What if all you need is one click or phone call to (02) 737-1111 and your NSO birth certificate will be delivered to you in 2-3 days right at your doorstep, anywhere in the Philippines? Now that ain’t so hard. It would probably take about 15 minutes of your time, without having to apply for work leave mind you because you can do it anytime 24/7.

www.NSOHelpline.com – Fast, Hassle-Free, Easy. Try it today.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Citizen Services Call Center for Filipinos by Filipinos

Need an NSO birth certificate? A DFA passport? SEC documents? GSIS helpline or chat? 

Since 2000, Pilipinas Teleserv has been providing dynamic services to Filipinos with cutting-edge customer management solutions and innovative business process outsourcing services. Primary of these solutions is Citizen Services, an integrated customer service solution that has changed the way people transact with government agencies.

Citizen Services is comprised of essential people-oriented solutions in partnership with the National Statistics Office, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the POEA, Civil Service Commission, BIR, DTI, PhilHealth, NCC, DOH, the Government Service Insurance System, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the DPWH over the last decade.

The central services available to Filipinos are:

Pilipinas Teleserv provides Filipino citizens with a stress-free alternative to acquiring their civil registry documents from the National Statistics Office (NSO) through NSOHelpline.com. Requests for birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and certificates of no marriage (CENOMAR) are made via the hotline or the website and delivered right to one’s doorstep.

DFA Passport Appointment System
Pilipinas Teleserv has transformed the way Filipino citizens transact with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) through the DFA Passport Appointment System. The process of applying for a new passport and renewing an expiring passport has become much more swift and convenient as applicants can now properly plan their visits to the DFA offices.

GSIS Contact Center
From September 2012 until March 2014, Pilipinas Teleserv managed the Philippine Government’s ambitious Contact Center ng Bayan project, a national helpdesk that utilizes citizen vigilance to keep government offices and agents accountable for their actions. Concerned citizens can lodge complaints and request for information via the hotline, SMS, and email. 

SEC Express System 
A non-appearance application system integrating an online and contact center-based application process of documents being requested from SEC. One can access www.secexpress.ph or call (02)737-8888 to facilitate processing.

Continuously committed to innovation, Pilipinas Teleserv pushes forward towards a decade and half of providing and finding more convenient and flexible means of making government services accessible to Filipino citizens.

Press Release: This means that this material is fully and directly from the company issuing the press release. This also means that this website is not the author of the statement being read. Gest to Utopia is simply providing the information for readers who may be interested.

Friday, July 11, 2014


It's time to leave the famous Small Lagoon and boat onto their next destination: SIMIZU ISLAND. 

...and because island tours were cancelled prior to that day, Bacuit Bay was full of tourists travelling in groups. "Ugh!” said Rome when he saw long queue of boats heading to the island. Approaching, the water was really crystal clear, clean and calm that you can see the bottom of the sea with scattered dead corals despite it being more than 10 feet deep.

Trixie and Rome settled next to the big drift wood. The old wood is quietly nesting on the same spot on Simizu Island the last time Rome went there. “It’s probably the only unspoiled thing on the island”, Rome said to himself. 

It's almost time for lunch and lunch is usually held on the island. Boat crew and tour guides prepared lunch under the shades of trees while their guests were swimming and snorkeling.

First timers admired the island surrounded by limestone outcrops, few small coves and a limestone islet sits right across the shore.” Paradise!” a tourist shouted while filming their experience.  It’s not a paradise for Rome anymore. Not quite a long time ago, it has a beautiful coral garden and was a stunning place for snorkeling and paddling but its untouched beauty was depressingly gone, Rome assessed. 

They declined the nature’s invitation to swim and decided to just chill and explore the island. Not soon enough, they were called in to have their lunch taken. Check out what they had for lunch here.

Next Stop:  Big Lagoon

Monday, July 7, 2014


... they were in El Nido sometime in February but was held-up one day late of their timetable when all island tours were cancelled because of tropical storm Kajiki (Typhoon Basyang) hitting the municipality in the middle of the summer season. With nothing to do on their first day, they decided to trek to Nagkalit-kalit Falls and visited an alternative inland beach resort -the beautiful Las Cabanas Beach Resort located just about 3 km south of El Nido town.

Not the memorable summer experience they’ve planned to be, but they had real fun. Dinner was all good at Artcafe. It was raining hard outside the cafĂ© and there was no sign of weather getting better on the next day. They decided to just enjoy the night... downed a bottle of Australian red wine, enjoyed the food, and sang along with the local live band playing "It’s My Life". Deep-inside, keeping their fingers crossed that the next day's weather would be fair to do the ultimate El Nido adventure.

Sweet, the following day was picture perfect! But Cadlao (which means “laugh” in Coyunon dialect) Island, capped with clouds seemed shy to smile at them.

"What a beautiful day!" says his friend, Trixie as Rome bask on a rattan sun lounger looking out over the brilliant turquoise waters of the Bacuit Bay with a glass of iced-cold coke by his side, waiting for their tour guide to arrive. "Ahhh, it was indeed a paradise", he said, smiling.

Today is an island-hopping-kind-of-day or shall I say …lagoon hopping.  The duo availed TOUR A the most famous and the most availed tour package in El Nido A.K.A. "The Lagoon Tour" as it comprised of expedition to 2 lagoons of Miniloc Island - Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon. Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and 7 Commandos Beach are also part of the whole day tour. Costing them Php 1200 each, it includes boat transportation, lunch, life jacket and snorkeling equipments, and services of a tour guide.

First Stop: Small Lagoon

They swam through the entrance hole and found themselves floating in a lagoon surrounded by orchid-lined limestone walls that just up straight from the water. 

Over the years, small lagoon has become a grave of dead coral reefs. Hiding from its crystal clear and tranquil turquoise-green waters are white and sharp dead corals. Sad to say, despite of government and non-government’s efforts to protect it, the lagoon is slowly being destroyed.

“This is not what it looks like 10 years ago”, Rome explained to Trixie. “Small lagoon’s entrance was once a coral reef paradise. It has plenty of live, big, and colorful corals the last time I went here”.

WARNING: Better hurry up if you want to see the best of El Nido. If ignorance, greed, and destruction of the people around it won't be seriously addressed, El Nido's days are numbered.

Next stop: EL NIDO ISLAND HOPPING  | TOUR A - Simizu Island