Friday, June 22, 2012

Jump Shots: A Must Have Holiday Photo in Boracay

If you hate everybody-look-at-me posts then this post isn't for you. You might have been told by your parents to ‘keep your feet on the ground’, lol! Rome thought that it is crazy to post this levitation photos online. But it was an outward expression of enthusiasm of their love for life. How can that be condemned? On his second thought, this are great photos to enjoy so why not share it to the entire world wide web?

...The bright sunshine reveled the real paradise as they were still on their holiday in Boracay. After playing with cute sea creatures, they headed back to shore on the same blue speed boat. Helmet diving was their first activity on that day and they cant just had enough. Through their strong connections with Jaycess which Carl and Josh were both became head officers, they managed to get a travel guide and arranged them with quick itinerary throughout the day. Next stop would be a visit to the nearby Crystal Cove Island, they were told.

While waiting for a larger boat that would bring them to the island, they sat basking in the brilliant sunlight on the world's famous shoreline. Rome ordered his favorite iced green tea latte and two mocha frappuccino for his two friends in the nearby Starbucks to cool them off while sharing memories of old and happy times. Carl on the other hand, had different idea on his mind: To take a jump shoot photos.

No, the idea was not for teenagers and young  holidaymakers only. It is a must have photo in Boracay. Checking their summer outfits  in between snaps to looks just right and practicing their smiles beforehand, they frolicked on the beach and jumped hundred times for a picture perfect holiday. 

The pictures are just too good not to share, imagine their expression looking at it in their later years.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Kayangan Lake Experience

My day two in Coron is solely for Kayangan Lake.For years, I been dreaming to visit this place. My friend Josh and I planned to visit this place 2 years ago. Both of us were preoccupied, it didn't happened. So I decided to explore the place alone. So far, this is the most beautiful place in the Philippines that I have seen. It’s a true gem if you ask me. I can't explain the feeling of excitement and awe when I saw the lagoon. I couldn't find the right adjective to describe it. Indescribable, I would say. Turquoise ocean waters, towering scenic lime stones and crystal clear blue lake. Paradise it is!

I was raised in Palawan and  I am a proud Palawe├▒o. Ironically, this is my first time to visit  Coron. I feel sorry for not visiting the place when I was living in my province. Being a tourism graduate, I designed my own itinerary and carefully plan for this vacation. I chose the month of January to visit the place because I don't wanna swim in a crowded lagoon during hot summer days. My summer days are reserved to freshwater discovery. Call me selfish but I find serenity, peace and liberation when I'm travelling alone.

Amidst sheer limestone cliffs is this brakish water lagoon. An enchanting and picturesque scenery that can be seen after a 10 to 15 minute hike via a carved path on a tropical rainforest. Kayangan Lake, is located in the Municipality of Coron in Northern Palawan. Featured in Time Magazine, it is the cleanest lake in the Philippines, sometimes called the Blue Lagoon.

There are wooden platforms built on the edges so people could walk on the sides and place their stuff. Entrance fee is PhP 200. Water is really crystal clear,  clean and calm  that you can see the bottom of the lake despite it being more than 10 feet deep. I stayed here for one whole day  to embrace and appreciate nature and accept the gift and sweetness of doing nothing...

A law was passed in 1997 declaring the whole island as ancestral domain territory of the Tagbanuas, the native people of Palawan.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glimpsed: Afternoon Daydream

Early morning in Boracay while having our breakfast at Nigi-Nigi's seafront restaurant.