Friday, August 17, 2012

Glimpsed: The Majestic Mount Malindig

The sweeping view of the dramatic Mount Malindig from Bellarocca.

"Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point."- Harold V Melchert

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Full Throttle in Gokart Race, Boracay

They reached Boracay's station two before the sun sets and were picked up straight by a four by four car at the back of D' Mall going to the karting track.  It was a short ten minutes ride uphill. From afar, they witnessed the island slowly painted orange by the setting sun, it was a breathtaking scene, indeed, life's simple pleasures. 

It was their first time to ride a kart. Karting never slips into their minds while they're planning their vacation. Their sporty outfit were not brought to the island so they opted to wear comfortable clothes, Carl, on the other hand, chose to go topless. 

There are too many all terrain vehicles to choose from, radical ‘Urban’ - a two-seater electric cars and  open-to-the-elements ‘spyder’ karts dominately parked everywhere in the rough parking area when they arrived.  It was far from a Monte Carlo like race track as Rome has dreamt of. Tourists were coming in and out of the track, its undeniably peak season. They were accommodated shortly, petrolheaded staff were courteous and were very accommodating in helping them in registering.

Rules of Engagement was discussed to them upon registration and were also asked to sign waivers. The controls are simple:  both hand brakes, right accelerates. As an eco-bonus, the karts run on electric, not petrol, to cut emissions. Karting is exceptionally fun but a non-contact sport.  Knowingly regarded as "racing", but they were told to stay away at least two meters from each other and under no circumstances to cut or overtake. Its a lower category of karting and driving should be smooth as possible. The basic race craft and how you should look after the car or the kart is to you look after yourself, the crew added as they  revved up.

Rome with a pair of aviators slipped over his eyes, Josh and her waivy hair flapping about in the wind, and Carl who leads them was going full throttle in the blue and red carts to the main track. A staff came on board to guide and looked after them. Many carts went fast into the aspalt national road which also served as the karting track.  Their guide showed off his racing skills, he controlled them as well as his smooth driving style soon began to lead their line up. He helped them in difficult circumstances passing through zigzag roads, tricky terrains and steep learning curves that goes smooth by just tweaking it here and there so they don’t lose speed through a corner. They also learned how to run in traffic and progressed through controlling their aggresion.

There are two stop overs on the one and a half ATV ride. They climbed the Ocean Tower (Mt. Luho viewpoint) first after paying their entrance fees. They were stunned with the aerial view of the entire island that gave a 360 degree glimpse of Boracay's magnificent colors under a dusk sky. Mt. Luho viewpoint is the highest elevation in the island with a total of 150 steps to reach the viewdeck.

Everland Aviary Farm was supposedly their second stop over but they decided to pass because  it was getting dark already. There's always a second time, they thought.

Boracay has plenty to offer to its visitors: Tropical sun, fine sand, crystal-clear sea, sumptous cuisine, a luxury resort and the best of outdoor activities - no wonder local and foreign tourists can't resist returning to this island paradise where they can combine business and pleasure.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Guidelines on How to Use the “IT’S MORE FUN” Tourism Branding Campaign

I received an emailcast from Department of Tourism - Region III Regional Director Ronaldo P. Tiotuico regarding the proper use of the “IT’S MORE FUN” tourism branding campaign and I am pleased to share with you the emailcast in full text below.



In order to effectively and efficiently promote our campaign, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”, ALL offices and attached agencies are hereby directed to secure a copy of the complete logo guidelines of the country’s new tourism branding campaign.

The said guidelines will standardize and regulate the use of the campaign logo in all marketing and advertising efforts of the Department of Tourism (DOT) and all its attached agencies. The said guidelines may also be used and distributed to all national government agencies and instrumentalities, local government units, DOT-accredited establishments, and private partners, subject to the conditions provided for in the guidelines.

For the guidance of all concerned, the salient features of the said guidelines are as follows:

1. Word mark: It’s More Fun in the Philippines should be rendered in one phrase, without the period.
2. Font style: use only Harabara (by Andre Harabara, available for download at

3. Color Renditions: If the background image is light, the word mark should be rendered in all blue. If the background image is dark, the word mark should be in all white. If the logo is set against a colored background, contrast should be based on opacity. In all cases, if the entire line cannot be read clearly and easily, adjustments in color (either of the background or of the tagline should be made).

4. General Prohibitions: The logo cannot be distorted in any way. It cannot be boxed or embossed, nor have a glow or outline around it. Its orientation is fixed and cannot be altered nor reconfigured. Its proportion cannot be change. The font style and colors, apart from those mentioned previously, cannot be changed as well.

5. When using the campaign logo and tagline, the line “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” should remain intact and should not be changed. Hence, lines such as It’s More Fun in (brand name/place) is not allowed.

In all instances, the logo and the tagline cannot be used for commercial purposes without prior written consent or endorsement from the Department of Tourism through the Tourism Promotion Board (TPB). Furthermore, the logo and the tagline shall in no way be utilized for or associated with any illegal, immoral, inappropriate conduct, or anything that would degrade the Philippines and the Department.

For the complete guidelines, which include the high resolution file formats the logos (both in horizontal and vertical orientation), all are enjoined to secure a copy by downloading the same at


Emailcast by:

Department of Tourism - Region III (Central Luzon)
Paskuhan Village, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
Ronaldo P. Tiotuico - Regional Director
Phone: (63 45) 961-2612 / 5617 / 625-8525
Recipient (Best Ecotourism Project - Mt. Pinatubo): PATA Gold Intl Award 2001, Kalakbay Natl Award 2001, ASEANTA Intl Award 2002
Log on:

Thank You,