Sunday, December 22, 2013

MY 2013 SHOUT-OUT!!!

2013 has been a dramatic transformation.

This post is my SHOUT-OUT to all the people I've met along the way. People who helped building me up. People who believed of my worth and relevance. A SHOUT-OUT to the people who tore me down and shattered me apart, I have learned a lot this year. 

THANK YOU!!! I have no regrets meeting y'all.

So, in the midst of all the rush, before the world turns to a brand new year, and before the internet crashes, allow me to greet all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY 2014 up ahead.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

When People are the Tourist Attraction | Panginginas

Lets have a post breaker before I continue posting my Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort Review. Take a look, when people are the tourist attraction...

Rome got up from bed very early the following day. He was half awake, lurking for nothing by Laiya's sea shore stretching his arms and attempting to jog until something sweet touched his face that made his eyes closed - the first hint of morning light. It was such a dramatic shades of morning light creasing the horizon... it was breathtaking. The few spectacular moments of the early morning where the splendid change of colors as the sun rises while the glitters of the night slowly fading away was magical. He admired the different shades of blue, from dark until pale. Particularly that narrow, short lived horizontal band of blue green. Soon enough, the beach was slowly crowded with people. People picking up sea shells by the Laiya beach captured his attention. Suddenly he missed manginas.

"Panginginas" or "Manginas" is the term they used in Palawan, where Rome grew-up, for picking up sea shells by the Malampaya shore. 

I searched some Filipino dictionaries online and checked if that is a Filipino word but the internet didn't give me possitive result. I assume, Panginginas is a Cuyonon word. I wonder what's the Tagalog or Filipino word for that.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

ROOM REVIEW | Cabana 1-B, Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort

Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort
Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines
Phone Number: (+63 2) 819 6050

Travelers who got money to spend and have an appetite to take a short break away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila would choose either Palawan or Boracay. If you are traveling along with your family or group of friends however, and air and sea travels are not in your option, consider Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort located in Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas. The resort is just 2 ½ hours land travel from the country's capital. 

Rome, Ykaie, his cousins, and Peachy's parents in law arrived past 12 noon at Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort to stay overnight in celebration of Ykaie's birthday. On the contrary, it was a 4-hour drive from Caloocan City because Peachy opted to drive really nice and slow. After parking in the spacious parking lot, she approached the reception and luckily, the considerate Batangueño staff allowed the group to check-in 2 hours before the usual international standard check-in time of 2 PM.  They were billeted at Cabana 1-B.

Fronting the resort’s beautiful swimming pool, Cabana 1-B at around $ 400 or Php 17, 000 per night has two air-conditioned bedroom, each has a bathroom with toilet and bath and can accommodate 7 adults and 3 kids.  The keyhole lock was broken when they were there and cannot be locked from outside. Maintenance tried to fix it but they weren’t successful, the resolution was to lock it inside and exit through the back door.  Rooms were clean except for the little dust that Rome found on the top of their closet. Mattresses and pillows were good but not that comfortably luxurious.

There are enough hand, bath and pool towels hanging on the towel bar and a lovely shower pouring generous amount of hot and cold water. Bath amenities includes dental care set (toothbrush and tooth paste) soap, shampoo, conditioner, and hair blower.

The Cabana has non air-conditioned kitchenette and living room with 2 electric fans.  The kitchen with granite counter top has a small fridge with complimentary bottles of water in it, there's a small microwave oven and coffee and tea-making facilities for 4 person. Sadly, kitchen utensils are not available, the kitchen drawers are empty.  The 32 inch LCD cable TV, not available in both rooms, is the center of the living room DVD Player is also available upon request.

PERSONAL Checklist:


Internet Connectivity
WiFi available in the Lobby and Restaurant area
TV with cable channels
No TV in bedrooms.
Tea & coffee Facilities

Well-Stock Mini Bar

Bathroom Amenity

Safety Box



Work Desk


The resort has a very pleasing swimming pool (Resort Review on my next post), the resort has fallen foul of focusing too much on its facilities and not enough on getting the basics right – great facilities matter little to guests if the bed's lumpy, bathroom’s empty and the breakfast ropey.  (Restaurant Review will also be posted on my food blog). 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

GLIMPSE | Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort in Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas

Rome's next destination revealed on this teaser post. Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort's bluer-than-blue-sky infinity swimming pool is its key attraction. The resort is located in Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wild World | Into the Eagle's Eye

To go to a journey is not just about seeing stunning places, meeting new people, learning new ideas or fascinated about other people cultures. Moving to places, sometimes, are moments we come face to face with the wildlife of outdoors.

A domesticated White-bellied Sea Eagle, also known as the White-breasted Sea Eagle staring straight at Rome while he was taking photos of the Pagoda shocked him.  He instinctively raised his camera as self-preservation and took pictures after the initial shock. He gazed at the bird and tried to read the bird's thoughts through its eyes. Its fierce look was fearsome, there's an intellectually sharp vision hidden and an alert watchfulness. The huge bird can't take Rome's gaze,  it looked away. It was such an incredible and beautiful moment.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

When People are the Tourist Attraction | Balance

This photo was taken when Rome went back to his hometown in Palawan.

Aling Inday is still an expert in balancing her bilao (circular basket) on her head, selling different kakanins all throughout Barangay New Guinlo from early in the morning until late afternoon. Nothing has changed over the years apart from her face that noticebly aged, the familiar taste of the kakanins brought back childhood memories to him.

Applause to this hard-working woman!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pagoda | Nuestra Señora del Pillar's Malampaya Sound Fluvial Procession

New Guinlo, Taytay, Palawan - Rome was here on the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar and he can attest to everything on this blog post. Although it was a gloomy day and the Malampaya Sound's brackish water was angry, citizens of Barangay New Guinlo held on to their tradition. Popularly known in the Philippines as Pagoda, it is a fluvial parade bearing the image of Our Lady of the Pillar onto the waters of Malampaya Sound to commemorate their patron saint's day.

Our Lady of the Pillar or Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Spanish is the name given to the Blessed Virgin Mary for her miraculous appearance in Zaragoza, Spain at the time of the emergence of Christianity.

In contrast to their tradition in the past fluvial parades, in which there's decorated barge and colorful small boats, only one fishing boat and few devout people joined the parade. 

"Maybe because of the strong weather condition and not because of the declining faith", Rome lied and convinced himself. 

Although the sky was dark and the majestic Mount Capoas didn't appear, the silhouette of the nearby mountains add further beauty to Our Lady of the Pillar's fluvial procession.  

As Rome watched the boat slowly float away, he remembered the parades he witnessed years ago, when hundreds of his kababaryos gathered in glee, when everything stops with no shops open and the whole community turns out with band and choir to celebrate and commemmorate the day of Our lady of the Pillar, grateful for abundant harvest from the rich fishing ground. 

Ahh, those years were long gone simultaneous to the drastic decline of livelihood opportunities to the once dubbed, "Fishbowl of the Philippines", Rome said to himself. 

He cant help but feel emotional. He blamed the government and the current situation of graft and corruption involving the empty Malampaya Fund which coincidently named after the fishing ground. He silently prayed for its quick resolution.

Malampaya Sound embraced by picturesque mountains play a huge role in New Guinlonians life. More than any other, the people's faith in his community plays a strong role in its deeply-ingrained religious tradition. He was positively surprised by his kababaryos. They are a little bit rough, straightforward but are nice, ready to help and cheerful.

"How utterly lovely to see the faithful keeping such a beautiful tradition alive", Rome exclaimed when the boat was slowly vanishing from his sight. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GLIMPSE | Our Lady of the Pillar's Malampaya Sound Fluvial Parade

October 12, 2013. New Guinlo, Taytay, Palawan - by the bay of Malampaya Sound, New Guinlo citizens and devotees paraded their patron saint, Nuestra Señora del Pilar, to the brakish water showcasing their solidarity of faith, give thanks, and to ask her blessings for abundant fish in the watershed. 

More photos of the fluvial procession will be posted next.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hotel Review | Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Hotel Centro
National Highway, Brgy. San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Telephone Number: (048) 434.1110 

Most traveler, when they stay in a city hotel, they either pay a fortune for a decent one but end up with unnecessary facilities they are never going to use or stay in a budget hotel and find themselves in some musty building that doesn't look like it has been cleaned since 1950. That is a fact.

In Puerto Princesa City however, such is life in this brand new hotel, Hotel Centro.

From outside, Hotel Centro's exterior remains integral to its appeal.  Complementing the natural beauty and vastness of Puerto Princesa, a fashionable modern-classic building fleeced in bright white with green vegetation around it. Its location in the ‘wide open’ square, at the very heart of the Philippines' city in the forest gives its guest an easy striking distance to everything in the city and gives an instant head-start over rival hotels.

Rome was welcomed warmly on arrival and a friendly young man escorted him to his second-floor billet. The top-notch hotel offers 111 highly stylish guest rooms that provides quality and comfortable accommodation (check my room review here). Both businessman and holidaymaker guests will definitely have maximum comfort for that much deserved goodnight’s rest in Hotel Centro's newly built rooms. 

The main dining area, Expressions Cafe, is spacious and yet remains cozy with a magnificent view of swimming pool, Verde Garden and manicured garden on the other side. The food tastes remarkably good and the prices won’t give you indigestion (check out my complimentary breakfast post here). And if you are in the mood for romantic, resort-feel dinner, Hotel Centro's Verde Garden is a perfect setting. 

If you are a business traveler, you will definitely enjoy the convenience of working in Hotel Centro's fully functional Business Center equipped with 2 desktop computers with high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi connectivity. A holidaymaker will surely love dipping into hotel's very nice swimming pool and admire the Palawan sun while sipping cocktails from the nearby Soul Pool Bar. No dull moments here, guests can shop "pasalubongs" at the souvenir shop, or have a blissful escape at Whizza Spa. There's an Atletico Fitness Center fronting the garden for fitness conscious visitor available to use, free of charge.

Hotel Centro really offers an all-round package, there's no excuse to be bored. The hotel itself is an attraction, it's a destination - and one well worth going the extra mile to discover.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Travel Tip: How to Check Your Flight Status Online

Everything you wanna know are just few clicks away including your flight status.

Using google chrome's address bar or, type in a flight number and the top result is the details of your  flight and its status. So, for example, typing in 2P 944 reveals that PAL Express Flight 944 departs Puerto Princesa at 5:00 PM today and arrives at  Manila at 6:20 PM local time.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Room Review | Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Hotel Centro
National Highway, Brgy. San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Telephone Number: (048) 434.1110

Straight from northern Palawan's Municipality of Taytay, a 4-hour land travel, Rome checked-in at Puerto Princesa's top-notch hotel - Hotel Centro.  He arrived at exactly 2 pm.  Standing at the front of a brand new, modern-classic designed hotel, Hotel Centro's visual impact has a gorgeous appeal, Rome thought.

His arrival was expected, there was a feeling of belonging as he approached the reception. Sincere affection and kindness were reflected from the guard's smile to the attendant greetings... "Good afternoon, welcome to Hotel Centro", he cordially said while opening the glass door for Rome. The gentleman on reception called for a welcome drink, had him registered quickly, handed him his electronic key card and offered to give Rome a guided tour of the hotel but he politely declined because he was desperate to freshen-up and take a short nap before his scheduled dinner with his friends.

Opening the wooden door of room 203 that use electronic identification door lock system was a pleasant surprise. Hotel Centro's newly built deluxe room was beautifully finished, with lot of woods, neutral colors, top-notch fixtures and fittings, and generous bathroom. His room was comfortably fashioned with work desk, 1 queen-sized and 1 single bed. Acres of fluffy immaculate whiteness cover the bed with a fluffy duvet and comfortably soft pillows. With free internet access! It was such a glorious and delighting room.

Equipped with Samsung LCD TV with cable channels, there's an in-room movies and DVD player in his room. It's sexy, grown-up and eminently stylish room, he figured.

There's a silver tea & coffee electric kettle with china tea cups and complimentary tea & coffee amenity. Plus, a mini bar with in-can sodas and 2 complimentary bottled water in it.  
The shower streamed generous amount of hot or cold water. It gave him a proper drenching with comprehensive supply of bath amenities from Pure Herbs. Pure Herbs contain the finest formulations and created using natural botanical ingredients, from pure essential oils of Rosemary, Melissa and Thyme. According to its website, Pure Herbs products is renowned for their healing powers, sophisticated fragrances and a rich array of natural and organic extracts to truly nourish the skin, soothe the body and revive the soul. Two sets of fresh and tidy white towels were neatly hanged on towel bar.

Hair dryer, vanity set (face care with 3 cotton buds and 3 cotton pads), shower caps, polishing file, shoe polish sponge, shaving kit complete the bathroom amenity.

An electronic safe box fitted for laptops & gadgets was available to use inside the closet for safety and security of his valuable items.

Hotel Centro offers high standards and provides top quality, comfortable accommodation. He slept perfectly well and concluded that this room is godsend to business and leisure travelers who have limited time exploring the city in a forest or to amorous couples looking for a couple of hours of privacy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Glimpsed | Hotel Centro, Puerto Princesa Palawan

Tempted to splash out? Hotel Centro's incredible swimming pool is one of the best in Puerto Princesa City. Get a drink from the Soul Pool Bar and float around on an inflatable raft while waiting for my room review of Hotel Centro.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Deal Alert: Avail Special Offers at the Top-notch Hotel in Puerto Princesa - Hotel Centro

2014 National Holidays are now out! And to top it all, here's a cheap accommodation deal from the top-notch hotel in Puerto Princesa, Hotel Centro, for your Ultimate Puerto Princesa Vacation!

There is a perfect date idea for the upcoming holiday season for as low as P5,988.00 for two. Get your calendars ready, plan for it as early as now and don’t let expensive immediate travel accommodation rates stop you!

Check out Hotel Centro's Christmas Holidate Special offer. Check availability, reserve and book here.


    Overnight stay in a Deluxe room for two persons
    Buffet breakfast for two at Expressions Café
    Round trip airport transfers
    Special welcome drinks upon arrival
    Express check-in
    Complimentary early check-in at 10am & late check-out until 3 pm
    Welcome Christmas cookies and hot choco in the room upon arrival
    Complete Pure Herbs luxury toilet amenities and bathrobes
    Palaweno delicacy for turn down amenity
    Hotel Centro postcards to send to your loved ones at home
    Special set dinner for two at the Gazebo in Verde Garden
    Souvenir photo during dinner to be printed before check-out
    Web check-in assistance for your departure flight
    10% discount in F&B outlets
    10% discount in spa services
    10% discount on tours

Terms & Conditions:

    Subject to room availability
    2 kids, 11 years old and below are free if sharing bed with adults
    Additional peak season surcharge of P500/room/night (December 16, 2013 to January 7, 2014)
    Stay period: October to January 31, 2014

Manila: (02) 556.5656 
Palawan: (048) 434.1110 
Mobile: (0917) 599.1912

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bacolod’s Vibrant Smile: Masskara Festival 2013 - Schedule of Activities

It’s an idea that really dazzled. 

What began in 1980 to pull the residents of Bacolod City out of the pervasive gloomy atmosphere during a period of crisis and tragedy has become one of the most celebrated festivities in the Philippines and consistently creating huge hashtags to the global tourism community every year. 

The word "Masskara" has a two meaning. First, it is a fusion of the English word "mass" or many and "kara", the Spanish word for "face." MassKara then becomes a "mass of faces," and these faces have to be smiling to project Bacolod's tagline "City of Smiles" since the late 70's. Second, MassKara is a Filipino word "maskara" for the English word "mask", which gives rise to the use of giant smiling masks in vivid hues, colors and design which the gaily costumed dancers wear as they stomp, swing, pulsate and gyrate in the major streets of the city every third weekend nearest to the 19th of October, the City Charter Anniversary of Bacolod. 

The incredibly amazing pieces of masks that are used in the festival are constantly changing from masks influenced by native Filipinos and then influenced by Carnival of Venice and Rio Carnival motifs. Earlier masks had feathers, native beads, and hand painted while modern masks are made of plastic and adorned with beads, colorful feathers and glittering ornaments.

Major activities include the MassKara Queen beauty pageant, carnivals, drum and bugle corps competitions, food festivals, sports events, musical concerts, agriculture-trade fairs, garden shows, and other special events organized ad-hoc every year. 

Below is the Official Schedule of Activities in this year’s Masskara Festival:

October 18, 2013 (Friday)
02:00 pm - MassKara Street Dancing School Category
11:30 pm - Mass Kara Lights Show
11:55 pm - Countdown to Bacolod's 75th Charterday Anniversary
12:00 mn - Fireworks Display

October 19, 2013 (Saturday)
09:00 pm - Electric Dance Parade

October 20, 2013 (Sunday)
09:00 am to 03:00 pm - MassKara Street Dancing Barangay Category in Paglaum Sports Complex

Note: Street dance will start at Araneta Avenue and will end at Paglaum Sports Complex.

Ever since its inception, Bacoleños has hosted an annual MassKara Festival that attracted millions of local and foreign tourists descending on the town to look at the brilliant displays and to witness the festival's highlight, the street dance competition - where people from all walks of life troop to the streets to see colorfully masked dancers gyrating to the rhythm of Latin musical beats in a display of mastery, gaiety, coordination and stamina. Over the years, Masskara festival has become the major tourism identity for Bacolod City. 

MassKara Festival is not anchored from history nor religious or cultural events. MassKara is a festival of Hope. It showcases Bacoleño's ability to smile, to be gregarious and charming and to shoe his instinct to survive and triumph over trials and challenges.

Friday, September 27, 2013

When People are the Tourist Attraction: A Project

Not just travelling to exceptionally beautiful places, this is me being socially responsible. Through sharing people images, I hope to send a strong message of hope. Like my project, "GLIMPSED", I hope to tag brief story or caption with the picture and hopefully bring sheer joy to you.

Phot credit: Marcial Bolen

Friday, August 23, 2013

Resort Review: Porta Verde Resort, Cavinti, Laguna

Continuing their occasional travels and vacation spot discoveries, Rome and his usual travel buddies, his cousins and nieces, checked out the lakeside Porta Verde Resort in Cavinti, Laguna …and this is the last blog post of their three days, two nights stay in the rustic resort.

Ideal for family outing or team building, Porta Verde Resort is only 2 and 1/2 hours drive from Makati, South of Caliraya Lake, just 20 minutes away from the quaint town of Pagsanjan. It’s a perfect retirement home, Rome thought.

Standing high above a hill, the resort has a picturesque view of the calm waters of Lumot Lake where they went kayaking and had a short lake tour. From their room, an exotic-oriental influence villa; Duhat Lanai Suite, the view provides an inviting and panoramic vista of a small swimming pool. The pool has an open Jacuzzi, a kiddie pool and a wooden sundeck with scattered hand-crafted cabanas and hammocks.

There's a small playground near their suite and it was such a good time for the kids. They alternately switch from swimming to playing, sliding and gliding on the play zone all throughout their stay.

The resort offers plenty of family friendly activities such as fishing, camping and rafting. There are also handful of paperbacks and books for solo travelers. And unlimited, beautiful backdrop for photographers….


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kayaking Onto Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

While celebrities and the privileged are trying the newfound fun water device of jetpacks, Rome and his travel companions were kayaking onto the green waters of Lumot Lake in Porta Verde Resort, Cavinti, Laguna right after the Lumot Lake Tour.

Rome and his cousins were thrilled when they saw colorful kayaks on the shore waiting to be pulled-up onto the lake. There's a minimal fee according to their tour guide. They told him to charge it to their guest folio. They chose and pulled the kayaks to the lake and they paddled across Lumot Lake for a very short time, probably 15 minutes. The kids were very eager to go back to resort's swimming pool for their last plunge before checking out. Rome managed to stay a little bit long and enjoyed the nature that he missed for so long.

Lumot in the local dialect means moss and the green water of Lumot Lake is not ideal for swimming. However, Kayak ride is a fun water sport activity in the rustic resort apart from largemouth bass fishing, waterskiing, lake touring, and rafting.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lumot Lake Tour, Cavinti, Laguna

The P5,280 worth of accommodation per night in a Villa in Porta Verde, for a group of 6, includes free Lumot lake tour via motorized boat. They were hesitant to take the free lake tour at first because they will be travelling with the kids but decided to push it through on their second day. The tour ensured safety, providing them with life vest and accommodating boat operator slash tourist guide.

According to Wikipedia, Lake Lumot also known as Sierra Lake is connected to Lake Caliraya and both are man-made lakes. The lakes were the result of water reservoir project located in the towns of Cavinti and Lumban, province of Laguna. In 1943, a large reservoir was built by American engineers to supply water to the Caliraya Hydroelectric Plant. As the dams were constructed, entrepreneurs with foresight created two adjacent communities which were envisioned to be ecological communities, where one can enjoy the beauty and richness of unspoiled nature. The results were man-made mountain lakes complete with coves and sand bars - Lake Caliraya and Sierra Lakes. The Americans also seeded the lake with Largemouth Black Bass imported from the USA, which continue to proliferate and provide game fishers with year-round weekend excitement. If you are into fishing game, there's a bass fishing competition during the months of September up to February here.

There are several islands and islets embraced therein, some are inhabited but most are deserted. The locals who live by the lake represent a very simple life. Rome's memory of his provincial life kicked-in again as he watched the locals fishing and doing their laundry.  Getting around the lake was fantastic. For Rome, it's a scene of a good life.  

The kids were bored; they keep asking how long the Lumot Lake tour takes. It was their last day in the resort and they are more excited to their aunt Anney promise to let them have the last plunge to swimming pool after the tour. 

(Next Post - Kayaking in Lumot Lake)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Room Review | Duhat Lanai Suite Porta Verde, Cavinti, Laguna

Rustic, pleasant and quiet. That’s what Rome thought the moment they set foot in Porta Verde Resort Villas located south of Lake Caliraya in Lumot, Cavinti, Laguna. "The grass is definitely greener in the countryside", he said, amazed with the breathtaking view of the man-made lake. 

Anney booked them here for 3 days and 2 nights to celebrate Rome and Cyra's birthdays through an online deal amounting to Php5,280 per night for 6 people. Children under 10 years old are free of charge (maximum of 2 children). They were billeted to stay in an exotic oriental influence villa, Duhat Lanai Suite. The suite has a kitchenette that leads to a covered lanai providing a spectacular view of the small swimming pool and Lake Lumot. The kitchen has kitchen facilities and vintage utensils that Peachy adored. Since the resort has no restaurant, guests are allowed to bring food. Anney conceptualized their dishes since there’s no corkage fee on food. Click here to check Rome's birthday dishes.

The kitchen is equipped with small refrigerator, rice cooker, oven toaster, microwave oven, goblets, coffee-maker, stove, plates, saucers, forks, knives, and spoons. Cook wares were also provided. There's free one gallon mineral water provided for each suite for (2) two nights of stay. Guests are required to receive all items in good condition and similar checklist will be cleared upon check out or you will pay Php 1, 000.00 if you've lost even a single spoon.

Duhat Lanai Suite has a floor area of 100 square meters. It has a fully air- conditioned family room with 2 single beds, one queen size bed with an en- suite bathroom. It has a bay window with a day bed and a sofa bed.  Duhat Lanai Suite has a floor area of 100 square meters. For total serenity experience, there's no TV in the suite. Wifi access and TV are only available at the recreation area beside the swimming pool.

Overall, it was a remarkable room considering the bargain price. It has a unique beauty and appeal. Everything is neat and tidy, linens and towels are changed everyday. And because it is a ground floor room, they need to keep the curtains drawn at all times for privacy.

Porta Verde Resort Villas 
Lumot, Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines 
For reservations, please contact: 
Phone #: (02) 8078414 or (0929)506.9963