Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Travel Tip: Cut the Cost of Airport Parking Charge

"Park and Fly" option for the constant traveler like you has been very convenient since it has been introduced. Travelers around the world particularly in United Kingdom’s Heathrow terminal 5, the newest terminal at Heathrow Airport and is home to British Airways that offers direct flights to numerous destinations including New York, Milan, Madrid, Bangkok, Dubai, Dublin, New Delhi and Tokyo is offering a wide choice of car park Heathrow terminal 5, ranging from quick and convenient Meet and Greet parking to standard park-and-ride, to long-term car parks, and hotel stay-and-park.

Here are some tips on how to get a cheaper rate:

1) Book in advance - Definitely, large amount of money equivalent for another vacation would be saved if you book in advance. Travelers could save almost half of the published price.  To obtain the discounts, holiday makers must book at least 30 days ahead of time.

2) Park off-site - There's always a number of independently operated car parks close by. The downside would be the transfers to and from the terminal that can take a little longer but there are also car parks that offer shuttle services. Choosing this option  can be markedly cheaper.

3) Use price-comparison websites or Apps - There are websites or applications on your phones or internet that could help you compare and decide what's the best prices and services that might fit your need. In finding authentic apps or price-comparison websites, read reviews to make sure its not a haux.

4) Go straight to a parking agent - Avoid middlemen or fixers. Go straight to a parking agent of yor chosen car park service.

5) Check out hotel stay-and-park deals - Should you have a scheduled early flight, I suggest to stay the night before in a hotel near the terminal. If you also need car parking, it won't necessarily be an indulgence as many hotels offer bargain stay-and-park rates.