Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Travelling | Renewing my Inspiration

Dear Utopians,

Here comes a time when I felt low and poignant with what's happening in my routinely everyday life. This is just another circumstance when I feel hopeless, unloved, and yes, broke. This kind of mood doesn’t surprise me anymore as this happens almost every year for the past 5 years.  Like any other normal individual, I reflect and tried to decipher possible reasons of my misery.  Maybe, I live a life I never wanted or perhaps, disappointed with my achievements from last year, worst, envious about somebody else’s lives. Whatever it is, I know what to do…

Travel!  A short break from work and retreat will definitely renovate my inner soul’s energy. I learned that, it is best to identify contentment and happiness beyond the reasons of the universe when I spend time alone. Away from here, where the only noise is the sound of waves on the shore and the only distraction is the whirling sea breeze on my face. 

Travelers, I’ll be on vacation to renew my inspiration. When I come back, I hope to organize things out and prioritize what’s important. One of which is to fix up and keep this blog updated. Interesting travel tales and adventures have been lined-up and waiting to be written and told. Hop in and come away with me as I continue to search for my own Utopia, a place of ideal perfection.

Best Regards,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ocular Inspection | Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort

Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort
Location: Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas
Phone: (+632 819 6050)

It is cold outside, really cold. So let me provide you with a little vacation just 2 ½ hours away from the metro, further south of the nearby Batangas province...

Tagged as the biggest luxury resort hotel in Batangas, the Department of Tourism accredited Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Resort has big infinity swimming pool (800 sqm) and is the resort's key attraction. 83 fully-furnished superior rooms completed the Mediterranean - inspired main building and is the only high rise resort hotel in the strip of Laiya Beach.

They were received with utmost courtesy. Their spirits rose further when they saw the Christmas decorations adorned the foyer and the lobby's staircase leading to the building's storey. While Peachy was registering, they tried to ride the trasparent elevator on the other side offering a breathtaking view of swimming pool, beach and sea as they go higher. By the time they reached the ground floor back, Peachy and her parents-in-law were leaving the main building and being lead to secluded Cabana. Rome and his travel buddies, stayed-in overnight at the spacious Cabana 1-B (click here to check out my room review)

It was a very hot day but he forgot to bring his sunscreen lotion. Rome refused to join his cousins swimming and slept the entire afternoon. It was only after dinner when he had a chance to swim. The swimming pool has a rough edges, floors, and walls. Swimming in your two piece but in rash guard is recommended. 

The beach is lovely and a perfect setting for a romantic dinner as it offers magnificent hues of the sunset but not ideal for swimming. Rome jogged, walked and had a "me" time by the beach the following morning. Catching the fresh sea breeze while watching the cloud-capped Mount Daguldol nearby,"AAhh", he said to himself, "I wish I have a choice to be on vacation forever".

Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to Synchronize your Timepieces to the Philippine Standard Time

Local travelers, you gotta synchronize your timepieces and gadgets to the Philippine Standard Time to avoid missing your flight schedules. Let us support the observance of National Time Consciousness Week, in accordance with Republic Act 10535. 

Synchronize your timepieces, phones and other gadgets to the Philippine Standard Time by checking the current time at

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hippie Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is situated in the Mediterranean Sea on the eastern part of the country Spain. The island is known and loved around the world for its party mood. The exciting facts of the island are that it incorporates the hipster culture which is really visible to its vibrant nightlife atmosphere with music played in hip style culture.
The party atmosphere is undeniably interesting and intriguing with pretty much of the island being on cloud nine. Take the time to visit and see the festive mood of freestyle environment of hippies, in which one can enjoy it to the fullest.
Night Party
The night life party in Ibiza is among the popular attractions of the island. The island bars and restaurants lining up the areas of the old town and Sant Antoni. Many famous disc jockeys come to rock the place all night long performing electronic dance music with accompanying trance, house, and techno genres. Ibiza achieved cultural fame worldwide for being the stomping ground of trance and house genres.
The place of old town and Sant Antoni are filled with people partying in bars and even outside, on the streets. The festive atmosphere of the island at night is a vibrant place to be in. The colorful people and personalities enjoying the festive mood can attract one to join the party.
Hippie Shopping
Ibiza as party destination gives opportunity for freestyle expression which is part of the culture of the island. The free spirited subculture of hippie is one example to experience and be relaxed in the island. The hip style shopping is unique to Ibiza with craftsmanship that no other place offers. The items found in Las Dalias market are impressive and exquisite to the lifestyle of hippie which are good products to enjoy in the island and as souvenir that one can take back home.
The island hip shopping offers revolutionary items in terms of creativity and craftsmanship which can be extraordinary to someone. The many clothing of traditional and hipster’s style are readily available in the market. The unique and freestyle decorations on jewelry, accessories, and many other are so cool. The cool and collectible items at a hip market are so interesting and educational on the part of the hip culture and its incorporation to the island.
The island of Ibiza is known globally for its beaches and party mood, but the entire area gives more to it than beach and party. The entire island offers an awesome view which can be an alternative to beaches. The countryside offers a picturesque ranch typesetting, with villas like houses that are so wonderful together with the backdrop of rustic look grounds.
The coves on the shores are also nice things to explore and be mystified with elegance as the recess area is left untouched and full of natural beauty. And back on the countryside is a great place and time to partake and enjoy olive tree picking with warm weather that goes with it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
The heritage of the island can best be learned through visiting its historical sites and buildings. Such as in the case of some Phoenician settlers in the island with their heritage is still alive after all those years in the Sa Caleta settlement. The settlement offers a glimpse of the past as to what the geographical and geological components of the island and their effects to the habitants.
The Ses Feixes wetland offers the best place for bird watching, as the wetlands are the resting grounds for many migratory birds. The bird watching activity is so amazing especially to those wildlife enthusiasts. The heritage part of the island offers an alternative way of enjoying life on the island and on the viewer himself.

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