Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Saving Money While on a Road Trip

For those adventurers who have been bitten by the proverbial travel bug and are bent on following their wandering instincts all over the globe, money may play several different roles. It may be a luxury that is useful and convenient when it exists, but is not a necessity for the quality of life that you seek to sustain. It may be a non renewable resource that brings travel to a halt when it runs out. Or, it may be a sought after currency that allows you to travel when you have it in abundance, and that consequently forces you to stop and save up when you need more funds to press on, or you may choose to source additional funds from an external source such as payday loans. No matter what role money plays in your travels, however, it is almost certain that you will always be aiming to save more than you spend. The more cash you can save while traveling, the more side jaunts, special indulgences and extra travel expenses you will be able to afford, and the longer you can extend your trip.

For those who are traveling by motor vehicle, the classic road trip is one of the most enjoyable and leisurely ways to roam, but it can be quite pricey between the necessary monies needed for petrol, insurance, any needed maintenance or repairs for the vehicle, and emergencies. Not to mention that you will likely be setting aside money for lodging, food, and possibly entertainment, sports, booze, and those unplanned costs that will cut into your budget at every corner.

Making the Most of Your Automobile
When traveling on wheels of your own, it is important to maximize the fuel efficiency in your motor vehicle by reducing weight in the automobile, driving a well mapped route, and driving a vehicle that is conservative of petrol. The more loaded down with luggage and passengers that your auto is, the worse fuel economy you are going to be able to achieve. Therefore, lighten your gear as much as possible before taking off on a long road trip. This means carrying dehydrated or prepackaged food stuffs, reducing the amount and weight of belongings that you are packing with you, and ensuring that you have a reasonable number of riders for the size and capacity of your vehicle.  Additionally, make sure that you improve your petrol efficiency by making your auto as compact as possible so that no wind resistance is built up. Instead of hooking bicycles to the top of the auto, for example, place them inside the vehicle so that the air flow over and above your vehicle is smooth and not disruptive. Don't forget to plan your route so that you are traveling on as many direct and relatively flat motor ways as possible.

Save Money on Day to Day Expenses
Although you may be tempted to hand over your cash or card several times a day for lodging, food, and more while on your road trip, try alternative methods of travel that are not quite so commerced based in order to save a significant amount on your journey budget. Rather than choosing to stay in hotels, try traveler's hostels or a network like CouchSurfing in order to score a cheap or free place to rest your head. You may be able to get no cost or reduced price meals at places like these, but otherwise make sure to carry much of your own food in order to avoid dining out at every opportunity. If you are a student, senior citizen or fit into another demographic category, you may be eligible for a special discount card that entitles you to savings in your area of travel, such as the European travel card for discounts in certain popular tourist cities.