Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Rent in London for Less

 Living in London can be an alluring prospect. Between the great food, the clubs, the diverse population, and great employment opportunities, London can provide a wonderful city in which to live. With all of those options, however, comes some great expenses; overall, London is one of the most expensive cities to live in throughout the entire world.

Typically, 30 – 40% of someone’s salary goes to their living expenses. Because London is much more expensive, though, some people spend around 50% of their income. The great news is, though, that living in London on a budget is possible if you are smart about your finances. Every once in a while, you may want to thin about getting payday loans online. Follow these tips below to help you live in London for less.

Keep track of Watts Used for Appliances

Domestic appliances can cost a great deal of wattage—and, therefore, money—for your flat rental. A standard dryer uses up to 4,000 watts of energy for a home and can cost you a great deal. Instead of drying your clothes in the dryer, consider using a clothes line outside or hanging wet clothing in the bathroom or other rooms to dry. Microwaves, dishwashers, and kettles are the next highest offenders for energy use and can be used less, when possible. For example, use dishwashers and dryers only when fully loaded. Instead of using your microwave oven to thaw food, try letting it sit inside or outside to thaw more naturally. If it would save money in the long run, replace your current domestic appliances for more energy efficient models.

Use Less Energy Overall

Lighting your flat or home will account for nearly 20% of your energy bill. For this reason, you should turn all lights off in rooms that you are not using at the time. Additionally, you should replace all traditional light-bulbs with energy saving bulbs that will cost less. Energy saving bulbs consume 80% less energy and can save over £60 per year. While those savings don’t seem like much money per month, every little bit of money helps save in the long run.

Televisions and computers that are left on or standby can lead to an increase in your energy bill by 10%. Even when they are off, televisions and other appliances are often still pulling power from the outlet. If you go away on holiday, unplug your television, microwave, or other similar domestic goods to save even more on your bill.

Lower your thermostat overall. A couple of degrees less can account for a lowering on your monthly bill of 10%. If a radiator in one of the rooms is rarely used, turn it off. Likewise, make sure to patch any leaks and avoid any blocks to the system.

Get a Roommate

One of the ways to best cut down on rent is to live with one or more roommates. With one roommate, the rent can automatically split in half—depending on how you split it—and more roommates also adds to the discount. Having roommates also enables you to split the cost of groceries, utilities, cable, Internet, and other house necessities. Even if the flat doesn’t have two “official” rooms, you might consider splitting a single room or creating a makeshift room from another room.

Find the Right Neighborhood

Camberwell, Elephant & Castle, Earlsfield, New Cross, and Walthamstow are just a few neighborhoods that feature more affordable rent for great areas. The nightlife, club scene, and great restaurants might be lacking in a few of these neighborhoods, but with the lower rent you pay in them, you can easily afford to jump on the Tube and travel to your entertainment. And when you do use the Tube, don’t forget your Oyster card to get the best deals on transport.