Friday, July 11, 2014


It's time to leave the famous Small Lagoon and boat onto their next destination: SIMIZU ISLAND. 

...and because island tours were cancelled prior to that day, Bacuit Bay was full of tourists travelling in groups. "Ugh!” said Rome when he saw long queue of boats heading to the island. Approaching, the water was really crystal clear, clean and calm that you can see the bottom of the sea with scattered dead corals despite it being more than 10 feet deep.

Trixie and Rome settled next to the big drift wood. The old wood is quietly nesting on the same spot on Simizu Island the last time Rome went there. “It’s probably the only unspoiled thing on the island”, Rome said to himself. 

It's almost time for lunch and lunch is usually held on the island. Boat crew and tour guides prepared lunch under the shades of trees while their guests were swimming and snorkeling.

First timers admired the island surrounded by limestone outcrops, few small coves and a limestone islet sits right across the shore.” Paradise!” a tourist shouted while filming their experience.  It’s not a paradise for Rome anymore. Not quite a long time ago, it has a beautiful coral garden and was a stunning place for snorkeling and paddling but its untouched beauty was depressingly gone, Rome assessed. 

They declined the nature’s invitation to swim and decided to just chill and explore the island. Not soon enough, they were called in to have their lunch taken. Check out what they had for lunch here.

Next Stop:  Big Lagoon